manufacturing polyurethane resin and precision doming machine systems
clear polyurethane resin

polyurethane doming resin formulations
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Manufacturing Doming Resins and Doming Machines
• Clear doming resin - auto grade, non yellowing, uv stable
• Mercury free • Clear polyurethane doming resin • Epoxy doming resin
• Urethane adhesive • Clear urethane resin • Wire and Cable Coating

Doming Resin Machines, Casting Machines and Doming Resin Systems
• Doming resin systems • Patented multi nozzle no drip doming
• NO degassing • NO solvent flushing • Easy set up and programming
Easy clean up • Dome labels by machine or doming resin kits

30 Years Experience Manufacturing Polyurethane Resin and Urethane Resin
• Automotive • Doming, decal • Athletic surface • Electric wire and cable • Solar
• Ceramic • Jewelry • Marine, cordage • Food service • Custom formulations

Polyurethane Resin and Polyurethane Coating Custom Formulations
High performance custom polyurethane formulations for indoor
and outdoor surfaces are available on a confidential basis.

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• Wire & Cable Coatings
• Saturants • Cements • Thinners at
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epoxy doming resins

precision doming machines for every application

polyurethane coating using new technology

polyurethane resin and doming machines for worldwide distribution
polyurethane doming resin formulations

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