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Crystal Clear Doming Resin and Polyurethane Coating

• Clear, non yellowing two-part doming resins - polyurethane and urethane
• Elastomers, adhesives and primers, Doming resin casting systems
• Full Range hardness, strength, gel-time, weatherability and durability

Polyurethane Doming Resin Innovation For Over 30 Years

• Continual testing for improved polyurethane coatings
• Polyurethane resin research and development
• Lower cost • Environmental safety • Auto grade formulas

Durable Polyurethane Solar Potting Resins
Solar resin potting formulations were introduced in the early 1980's for use in the
U. S. Government sponsored JPL Solar Project, and have been expanded
for today's markets. Solar resins are currently used by manufacturers in
Texas, Arizona, California, New York, Hong Kong, China, Australia and England.

Doming Resins and Casting Resins
We manufacture the complete doming resin system, from automotive grade
resins to dispensing machines, with a convenient in-house doming service

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